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Estuary Padre Ramos

It is one of the 78 protected areas of the country with pristine natural sites and composed largely of mangroves. This important area is nestled along the pacific coast of Nicaragua, north of the “Corinto” port, in the region of the Cosiguina Peninsula, in the department of Chinandega. It is a 22,000 acre reserve providing infinite opportunities for sea kayaking, hiking, swimming and bird watching.

The rich biodiversity of the estuary is composed of fish, alligators, black clams, crabs, birds and shrimp. The mangroves are the main ecosystem of the estuary, and certainly the most relevant bivalve is the clam Anadari grandis, known in Spanish as “Casco de Burro” or “donkey’s hoof”, which is in danger of extinction and a symbol of this protected area. The neighboring beach of Mechapa is the nesting site of three important sea turtles: olive ridley turtle, leather back and the hawk’s bill turtle.

Also a wide variety of water birds can be watched during the immigration time at the beginning of the dry season such as green back herons, great egrets, tiger herons, ringed king fisher, frigate birds and others species. At least 167 species of fish, reptiles, birds, and crustaceans are present.

Nowadays the communities of Jiquilillo, Venecia, Padre Ramos, Mechapa and Los Zorros are integrating efforts to protect the reserve and at the same time to provide visitors the unique experience of getting in touch with this natural site.

Birdwatching • Rural Life • Landscapes • Flora and Fauna Observation • Kayaking • Fresh Water Fishing

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