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Chinandega was the land of the famous Indian chief “Agateyte” who ruled the Nahuas-Nicaraguas in this entire region. In the 60’s and 70’s Chinandega was the richest region of the country, due to the production of quality cotton.

Today, Chinandega is the main exit port of the Nicaraguan exports through “Puerto Corinto”. Now, on its fertile volcanic soil, sugar cane is cultivated to produce sugar and the famous rum “Flor de Caña”, winner of several awards around the globe.

A hike through the active San Cristobal volcano or Casitas is worth the experience due to the incredible landscapes from their summits. Natural reserves Estuary Padre Ramos and the Cosiguina Volcanic Crater Lake are part of the tourist attractions of Chinandega.

Hiking • Landscapes

Recommended Attractions in Chinandega

Town of Chinandega »

The town of Chinandega is the capital for the region of its same name Chinandega. It is half an hour away from Corinto, the main port on the Pacific Ocean as well as the arrival destination for cruise ships.

Estuary Padre Ramos »

It is one of the 78 protected areas of the country with pristine natural sites and composed largely of mangroves. This important area is nestled along the pacific coast of Nicaragua, north of the “Corinto” port, in the region of the Cosiguina Peninsula, in the department of Chinandega.

Tour Flor de Caña »

Considered the best rum in Central America and one of the best in the world, Flor de Caña has been awarded with 72 international medals and 13 recognitions in the last five years.

Marina Puesta del Sol »

A luxurious “off the beaten path” getaway destination, nestled in the pristine beaches of Chinandega, is Marina Puesta del Sol. With over six hundred acres of unspoiled land, Marina Puesta del Sol, a unique place with unlimited choices, has been conceived as a well-protected marine to receive private yachts cruising by the Pacific ocean.

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