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Rama Key

Rama Key is a small 22 hectare island situated in the Bay of Bluefields in the Southern Autonomous Caribbean Region of Nicaragua. This unique community is composed of Rama people, whose origins are linked to “Chibchas”, a South American indigenous group. According to the last census, there are approximately 1600 Rama people in the Caribbean. Some of them live in the region of San Juan de Nicaragua, in the department of Rio San Juan.

Rama Key is located only 20 minutes from Bluefields and traveling by boat is the unique way to reach this island. It has a network of sidewalks leading you through different areas of the community. The island also has a school, a church, basketball court and a new rustic electric plant that only operates some hours at night. From almost any spot you can have excellent views of the surrounding islands as well as the mainland.

The population of Rama Key is mainly dedicated to fishing activities in the bay of Bluefields, in the Caribbean Sea and the Kukra River. Agriculture is the second most important economic activity of the “Ramaki people”. They are also collectors and hunting people. They have been able to take advantage of the natural resources provided by the surroundings. They build their own boats, fishing nets, wood houses and other agricultural tools for farming. The agricultural activities take place by the Kukra River, situated across from the island. Their way of transportation is with simple rustic wood boats. The native tongue of the Rama people is the “Rama language” but they do also speak Creole English.

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