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Laguna de Perlas

This untouched natural site is located in the South Caribbean Autonomous Region of Nicaragua, 40 kilometers north of Bluefields. Adventuring through “Lagunas de Perlas” is a unique experience, full of exciting traditions, exuberant vegetation, interesting cultural ethnic groups and eye-catching landscapes.

“Laguna de Perlas” town is the most important creole indigenous community out of a group of at least, eleven significant nearby native villages. It is located by the shores of “Pearl Lagoon”, the largest coastal lagoon on the Nicaraguan Caribbean, of approximately 500 square kilometers. The town has a small population of 11 thousand people, primarily living off fishing activities. “Laguna de Perlas” can be either reached by boat from Bluefields or since 2008 by a dirt road from El Rama.

This area of the country has remained so far very little influenced from outsiders therefore walking through the village is a rich cultural experience. “Laguna de Perlas” also offers the opportunities for several activities including boat trips to the beautiful Pearl keys; a group of 18 little islands, scuba diving, snorkeling, hikes to rainforest reserves, sport fishing for tarpon, drummer, catfish, kingfish, barracuda, red snapper, yellowtail, and others.

The surrounding humid tropical forest preserves some of the most precious wood of Central America such as mahogany, Spanish royal cedar, laurel and Santa Maria (a type of wood used commonly in the construction of homes). “Laguna de Perlas” is also surrounded by a very important system of mangroves including the red, black, white and tea mangroves.

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