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Communities of Pearl Lagoon

Several small indigenous villages inhabit the shoreline of Pearl lagoon; undoubtedly one of Nicaragua’s interesting cultural and natural regions of the country. Each town is inhabited by different ethnic groups including Garifonas, Miskitos, Creoles and Mestizos, making this area a unique experience for adventurous travelers. The unique way to visit these little communities is by boat where you will see striking landscapes.

Some of these communities include the neighborhood of Orinoco, probably the second most important community after Pearl Lagoon; “Orinoco” was founded by John Sambola in 1912. The “Garifona” people, an interesting ethnic group spread on the Caribbean coast of Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, are a mix of the Arawaks, a South American tribe and African descendent. Besides Orinoco there are other six communities with strong Garifona presence including “Brown Bank”, a name given due to the color of the banks in this community, “La Fe”, “San Vicente”, “Justo Point” and “Wawashang” where FADCANIC (Foundation for Autonomy and Development in the Caribbean of Nicaragua) is promoting and executing projects for education, agro-forestry and sustainable development.

Other important community is Marshall Point whose name probably comes from the last name of an American farmer who lived in this region. The town was founded by the brothers David and John Bennet, eventually people from Bluefields and other areas came to live here. This town is mainly inhabited by Miskitos and Creoles. The Miskitos people are a very important group from the Caribbean who made alliances with British colonizers during the colonial time. They still live from fishing, hunting and collecting. The Creoles are the population inhabiting this region whose ancestors were African slaves brought by the British at the beginning of the XVII century. Other important miskitos settlements are Raitipura, Haulover and Tasbapounie.

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