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It is the head department of the South Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS) and situated on the Caribbean by the Bluefield Lagoon.

The region is surrounded by numerous rivers and small lagoons that were once used by pirates as a refuge. Apparently, the name of “Bluefields” comes from a Dutch pirate called "Blauvelt" who sailed the Caribbean Sea. This is an area full of interesting ethnic groups of Garifunas, Creoles, Miskitos, Sumos and Ramas. Most of their inhabitants live from fishing, farming and a growing commerce.

In comparison with the Pacific Region, Bluefields and its surroundings are still underdeveloped, allowing the adventurous explorers to get into real contact with nature and culture. The English created the “Mosquitia” Empire which was subjected to the British crown. This empire included the Caribbean coasts of Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras.

This region was incorporated to the rest of Nicaragua under the presidency of the liberal president Jose Santos Zelaya in 1894.

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Recommended Attractions in Bluefields

Downtown Bluefields »

The city of Bluefields is the largest in the South Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS) with approximately 40 thousand inhabitants, representing a rich mix of multiethnic groups like Mestizos, Creole, Misquitos and Ramas.

Laguna de Perlas »

This untouched natural site is located in the South Caribbean Autonomous Region of Nicaragua, 40 kilometers north of Bluefields. Adventuring through “Lagunas de Perlas” is a unique experience, full of exciting traditions, exuberant vegetation, interesting cultural ethnic groups and eye-catching landscapes.

Communities of Pearl Lagoon »

Several small indigenous villages inhabit the shoreline of Pearl lagoon; undoubtedly one of Nicaragua’s interesting cultural and natural regions of the country. Each town is inhabited by different ethnic groups including Garifonas, Miskitos, Creoles and Mestizos

El Rama »

This small town, with some 6 thousand people, is located in the Southern Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS) of Nicaragua and 6 hours away from the city capital of Managua. The scenic drive from the flat lands of the Pacific area of the country to El Rama is very charming, mainly traveling through rolling hills and passing by cattle ranches.

Rama Key »

Rama Key is a small 22 hectare island situated in the Bay of Bluefields in the Southern Autonomous Caribbean Region of Nicaragua. This unique community is composed of Rama people, whose origins are linked to “Chibchas”, a South American indigenous group. According to the last census, there are approximately 1600 Rama people in the Caribbean.

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