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This small town, with some 6 thousand people approximately, is located in the Southern Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS) of Nicaragua and 6 hours away from the city capital of Managua. The scenic drive from the flat lands of Pacific area of the country to El Rama is very charming, mainly traveling through rolling hills and passing by cattle ranches. Actually the traveler will have the chance to journey through Nicaragua’s three distinctive geographic regions Pacific, Central and Caribbean to reach this destination.

“El Rama” and its surroundings rural communities are mostly dedicated to agriculture and cattle activities such as production of milk, cheese and meat (dairy and cattle industry is the second largest income-earner of Nicaragua). It also has a very active commerce with many grocery store and clothing shop around the town. El Rama is also situated by Rio Escondido or “hidden river” (because it used to be a secret place for the English pirates to hide), one of the most important waterways of Nicaragua; where “pangas” (engine boats without roof) departure to reach the bustling town of Bluefields.

Since 2008 it is possible to reach by land the rich ethnic area of Laguna de Perlas from El Rama, making the area more accessible and improving the local economy. This new road allows the visitors to enjoy the lush of the region due to its longer rainy season. Average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.

  Currency: U$1 x C$0.00
Temperature: 21°C
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