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Managua City Tour

Managua was first established as an important indigenous fishing village by Lake Managua during pre-Columbian times and turned into Nicaragua’s capital city in 1852 as a result of the unceasing political disagreements between Granada and León. Unfortunately Managua was leveled twice, first in 1931 and then 1972. Today Managua currently holds more than 1/3 of the country’s population.

During our visit through the capital we will stop by the historical park “Loma de Tiscapa”, a volcanic caldera whose interior preserves a beautiful green lake. The northern side of the rim still conserves the ruins of Somoza’s family presidential house, an interesting exposition of Sandino’s life, a small war tank given as a present to Somoza from Mussolini, and a big metal silhouette of Sandino rising from the park. Also from here visitors can enjoy fine views over the New and the Old Managua, as local dwellers popularly name the city. As well great vistas over Lake Managua and “Chiltepe” peninsula can be seen.

Then we will drive to Managua’s former downtown where evidence of Old Managua still stands, including “the Cathedral”, not used anymore and build in 1936, “the National Palace” once the congress house and today the National museum, the “Ruben Dario National Theater”, the “Parque Central” and its preserved, renovated monuments, and other important settings. We will also stop by the “Malecon”, an entertainment site with bars, restaurant, parks and open areas for local residents, as well “Plaza de la Fe”, honoring John Paul II’s visits to Nicaragua. Our tour also includes the visit to the new cathedral, finished by 1992 and built in a unique kind of mosque style.

• Landscapes
• Religious Events
• Arts and Paintings
• Poetry and Literature

Do not forget
• Comfortable Shoes
• Light Clothing
• Sun Protection

Difficulty Level: 1

Local Information

Currency: U$1 x C$ 30.43
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