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Isletas Tour

Especially designed for nature lovers and those who enjoy wonderful landscapes, the “Isletas Tour” offers a magnificent natural destination. According to geological studies these beautiful little islands were created about 20 thousand years ago after a massive pyroclastic eruption by Mombacho volcano. This powerful explosion formed an archipelago of approximately 360 islets that today wonderfully sprinkle the northwestern shores of Lake Nicaragua.

The “isletas”, only 10 minutes away from Granada’s main plaza, due to their natural locations, shape fantastic canals where numerous species of birds can be seen including Great Kiskadees, White Throated Magpie Jays, Oropendolas Montezuma, Ringed Kingfishers, Ospreys, Neo-tropic Cormorants, Purple Gallinules, Northern Jacanas, and many other species of colorful birds. “Las Isletas” are as well preciously covered with several species of tropical trees such as kapoks, rain trees, coconuts, mangoes, pink trumpet trees, Central American Spanish cedars, sea almond trees, peeling trees, and other unusual species.

Some of these islands are either weekend or summer vacation getaways and many other islands are homes of fishing families, who have lived for generations on this natural site. Primitive scenes such as women washing clothes on the lake, men fishing with nets, children paddling small handmade wood boats to schools, cows grazing on some larger islands are part of this amazing landscape. This tour is a great natural experience that cannot be missed while traveling in Nicaragua and the ORO Travel team will be more than happy to help you organize this excursion for you.

• Birdwatching
• Rural Life
• Landscapes
• Flora and Fauna Observation
• Kayaking
• Swimming

Do not forget
• Light Clothing
• Sun Protection
• Sunglasses

Difficulty Level: 1

Local Information

Currency: U$1 x C$ 30.43
Local Time:


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