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Granada City Tour

Granada was founded in the beginning of the XVI century and is famous for its charming Spanish colonial atmosphere. This beautiful architecture and splendid colonial tradition can be seen through its colorful historical buildings. First settled by indigenous “Chorotegas” groups, then subjugated by Captain Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba in 1524, Granada was the battle ground of dominating Spanish rulers and ransacking pirates. The doomed city finally succumbed under the brutish power of filibuster William Walker and his reckless army in 1856.

As we stroll around the historic center of Granada we will learn about its fascinating history and observe the outstanding old renovated colonial, neoclassical and baroque style civil and religious buildings. The main Plaza, “Christopher Columbus”, is surrounded by the “Asuncion Cathedral”, the arched city hall, the former residence of Mr. Walker, the old Social Club, and other significant homes. A symbol of power during Spanish rule and currently the most important hub of culture is “Casa de Los Leones” or “Casa de Los Tres Mundos”. Here we will have the chance to walk through the home and see the artistic work of painters. During our wandering through the city we will stop by the former San Francisco monastery enclosing in its interior an impressive collection of pre-Hispanic rock-carved statues skillfully made by important Meso-American indigenous tribes.

Of course we cannot skip the fantastic view over the city from the La Merced church bell tower. Astonishing vistas of Lake Nicaragua, Mombacho Volcano and especially over the courtyards of colonial homes are fabulously enjoyed. Other remarkable and striking historical features dot the city such as Xalteva church, Maria Auxiliadora chapel, Guadalupe church, the old train station, the local market, and many other historical sites yet to be discovered.

• Colonial History
• Pre-Columbian Heritage
• Religious Events
• Arts and Paintings

Do not forget
• Comfortable Shoes
• Light Clothing
• Sun Protection

Difficulty Level: 2

Local Information

Currency: U$1 x C$ 30.43
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