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El Tule & Zapatera Island

Departing early from the colonial city of Granada, we will take our boat transportation and start an interesting excursion through the natural volcanic islands, known as the “Isletas de Granada”. Here we will be able to observe the bird life of the region, incredible landscapes, breathtaking views of Mombacho volcano and its lush surroundings. After a short trip we will stop at the Private Natural Reserve of “El Tule”, where Chorotegas indigenous groups skillfully carved several stone petroglyphs, but even more interesting these Middle-America inhabitants apparently strategically organized a number of volcanic rocks to witness the solstice. As well we will have the chance to explore the trails of “El Tule” forest where a great variety of species of trees, butterflies, birds, lianas, and biodiversity is found. 

Afterwards we will head southeast to Zapatera Island National Park regarded as the second largest island in the Great Lake of Nicaragua. Zapatera, of volcanic origin, is famous for its rich pre-Columbian history and archeological findings. The Island was probably the most important and sacred ceremonial site in all the Pacific Region, the exchange place of many Indian tribes traveling throughout Central and South America. In 1849 USA Diplomat Ephraim George Squire discovered an important collection of volcanic totems on the island, most of them located today at the former convent of San Francisco in Granada.

During this day we will also combine the visit to the pre-Columbian site of “Isla El Muerto”, a small volcanic island with a rock on top depicting a wonderful variety of petroglyphs, a hike to Zapatera Island Crater Lake, and of course discovering at the same time the rustic rural life of this remote region of Nicaragua.

• Hiking
• Rural Life
• Landscapes
• Flora and Fauna Observation
• Pre-Columbian Heritage
• Swimming

Do not forget
• Comfortable Shoes
• Light Clothing
• Drinking Water
• Sun Protection

Difficulty Level: 3

Local Information

Currency: U$1 x C$ 30.43
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