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“El Chocoyero” Nature Reserve and Los Pueblos

The Chocoyero Nature Reserve is famous for its large population of “Chocoyos” (green parrots) living by the thousands in the surrounding walls of the mountains.  Our path through this well preserved forest will bring us to its impressive waterfalls Chocoyero and El Brujo. “El Chocoyero” offers nature enthusiasts the chance to discover the natural marvels of one of the remaining dry tropical forests in the pacific plains. The reserve is based in the municipality of “Ticauantepe”, a former indigenous Chorotega community.

Once welcomed and briefed by local park rangers we walk and hike through the trails to observe the well protected biodiversity that the reserve hides among its lush vegetation. The name “Chocoyero” comes from the local nickname given to the hundreds of green pacific parakeets that live in the crevices of the volcanic wall found at the end of the trail. Here you can also have the opportunity to enjoy the view of “El Chocoyero” waterfall, a reservoir of water primarily fed by natural springs from the highest peaks of the area. Two different species of primates inhabit the park, howler and white face monkeys, usually found on tree branches eating nutritious foliage. As we explore the surroundings, wild life such as birds, mammals, butterflies, insects, and other species will show up.

After our natural experience we will visit a series of small charming villages, known locally as the “white towns”. Most likely their name originates from the fact that largely all these homes during the colonial time where white painted. “San Marcos”, the home of General Anastasio Somoza Garcia, “Masatepe”, famous for its fine quality furniture, “Niquinohomo”, the land of courageous warriors and home town of Augusto Cesar Sandino. Other interesting villages are “San Juan de Oriente”, known for its excellent pottery work, and “Catarina”, notorious for its tropical flower nurseries and its superb viewpoint over the fantastic Apoyo crater lake.

• Birdwatching
• Hiking
• Landscapes
• Flora and Fauna Observation
• Nature Reserve

Do not forget
• Comfortable Shoes
• Light Clothing
• Drinking Water
• Sun Protection

Difficulty Level: 3

Local Information

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