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Classical Masaya and Catarina Tour

Breathtaking landscapes, unique volcanic formations, impressive crater lakes, authentic local markets, incomparable handmade crafts and a genuine cultural approach are excellent excuses to enjoy and experience this memorable day touring around Masaya and Catarina.

Our first exciting destination is the Masaya National Park, where you will have the chance to explore its two volcanoes and five outstanding craters. Extraordinary petrified lava flows from 1670 and 1772 are noticeable as you drive up to reach the steaming Santiago crater. Wonderful views to most of the caldera, emerging forest, smaller extinct volcanoes, lake Managua, and hill chains can be enjoyed from the National Park. At the excellent informative visitor center besides learning interesting information about Masaya National Park you will learn as well about Nicaragua’s geology, volcanology, protected areas, ecosystems, flora and fauna.

After this exceptional ascent to one of the seven active volcanoes of Nicaragua, we will drive to the former indigenous town of Masaya, known as the cradle of Nicaragua’s folklore. Here you have the great opportunity to visit both markets, handcraft and popular. Colorful cotton hammocks, special wood carvings, excellent native paintings, outstanding leather work, high quality cigars and rum, fine clothing, popular Nicaraguan children toys, and a wide range of other traditional crafts all can be found at reasonable prices at Masaya’s artisan market.

Just few blocks away from here you can reach the bustling popular market of Masaya, an interesting way to discover and get immersed into Nicaraguan life. Here you have the chance to see the tropical fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, main staples, spices, local eateries, the busy bus terminal, and other unfamiliar scenes for you.

Afterwards we will move forward to have lunch in of the typical restaurants from Masaya. Then we will drive to the charming white town of Catarina, situated at about 500 meters above sea level. This small village, with 5 thousand people, is known for its pleasant weather mostly all year round, its beautiful nurseries with colorful tropical flowers, but above all its viewpoint over the blue waters of Lake Apoyo, Nicaragua's largest and deepest volcanic crater lake. Our next stop is at San Juan de Oriente, famous for its authentic and high quality ceramic work. To gain a more comprehensive knowledge about the significance of this traditional task, we will visit a renowned artisan who will explain to us every detail of ceramic production from the very beginning to the end.

• Rural Life
• Colonial History
• Handicrafts
• Landscapes
• Arts and Paintings

Do not forget
• Comfortable Shoes
• Sunscreen
• Cash Money

Difficulty Level: 2

Local Information

Currency: U$1 x C$ 30.43
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