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Cerro Negro and Las Peñitas

This is a true adventure on a small but active cinder cone volcano. We start our challenging experience driving from the colonial city of Leon or any other departing destination, passing by the active rural life of the area, cattle ranches, farming land, reforestation zones and small communities.

Once we reach the base of the volcano, we begin our ascent of this rocky black hill. As we reach the top (2000 feet), beautiful contrasting landscapes are revealed. After 45 minutes of hiking, a view to the steamy crater can be observed up-close. During clear days the Pacific Ocean and part of the Nicaraguan highlands can also be admired.

Descending “Cerro Negro”, also part of the challenge and experience, is the highlight of the excursion…! We easily understand why in recent year’s volcano boarding, unique to Nicaragua, has become a very popular activity. Boarders slide down on a wooden sled at speeds of up to 50mph. Those who are experienced snow boarders can use a wooden board to go downhill, much like snowboarding down a mountain but now on a volcanic slope! Due to its clear pathways and steep 41-degree angle Cerro Negro attracts thrill-seekers from all over the world. For those looking for less of a thrill, walking or running down the hill is always an option.

This tour will be combined with a lunch stop at the Pacific beach of Las Peñitas where we will enjoy a succulent fresh fish front of the ocean.

• Hiking
• Landscapes
• Volcano Boarding

Do not forget
• Sun Protection
• Closed Toed Shoes
• Walking Stick

Difficulty Level: 3

Local Information

Currency: U$1 x C$ 30.43
Local Time:


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