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Green Parrot

07 Days / 06 Nights
The Green Parrot circuit will take you to explore the untouched hidden wonders of Nicaragua, allowing visitors to enjoy incredible nature, cultural experiences, wonderful sceneries and colonial history. Our journey begins on the twin volcanic island of Ometepe where we will discover its ancient petroglyphs, carved on basaltic rock thousands of years ago by Nahuas tribes. Ometepe’s nature and welcoming people will definitely charm you. 
Our journey will also take you to Granada, a colonial jewel and one of the most well preserved Spanish-influenced cities in Central America. We won’t miss the Masaya active volcano with its non-stop steaming crater Santiago as well as its volcanic landscapes.
Moving to the south east of Nicaragua you will embark in the following days into the nature route of San Juan River, Indio Maiz and Los Guatuzos, an essential part of our eco-system with rainforests, wet lands, and river systems joining Lake Nicaragua. Green Parrot will definitely allow you to discover a great part of our nature and people.

Day 1: Managua – San Jorge – Ometepe Island – Playa Santo Domingo

We will depart from the Managua International Airport and transfer to San Jorge. We will then travel by ferry boat to the volcanic island of Ometepe.  During our transfer, we’ll be up close not only to the scenery, but also the day-to-day activities of the island’s inhabitants…

Day 2: Playa Santo Domingo – Altagracia –  San Jorge – Granada

After breakfast, we’ll start towards the town of Altagracia, visiting the little church and museum. On the way we will pass by the famous and legendary “Charco Verde” and enjoy the vegetation of this unique place.  Then we will return to the mainland and drive to the colonial capital Granada…

Day 3:  Granada – Isletas – Catarina – Market of Masaya – Volcano Masaya – Granada

Today we will embark on a boat tour of Granada's famous Isletas, an archipelago of inhabited islands formed by an ancient volcanic explosion, just off the shore of Lake Nicaragua.  Afterwards we will drive to Masaya and pass by the village of Catarina to enjoy the remarkable view of the Apoyo Lagoon from its “Mirador”…

Day 4: Granada – Managua – San Carlos – Sabalos

In the morning we will enjoy a short city tour of Managua, the capital of the country.  At the beginning of the afternoon we  will  fly to  San Carlos, where  the  San  Juan  river  is born.  By public boat, along the river, we will reach the town of Sabalos, observing at the same time the interesting rural life of the region…

Day 5: Sabalos – El Castillo – Bartola Reserve – Sabalos

Today is for nature lovers. We’ll travel by a river boat further into the jungle of the San Juan River.  We will visit the Spanish fortress built to defend off British and Dutch pirates and the colorful village. Here you will have the opportunity to learn a little of the history behind the “Gold Rush Fever” in Nicaragua. Afterwards we’ll start a tour into the Bartola Reserve and observe the flora and fauna of the place…

Day 6:  Sabalos – San Carlos – Los Guatuzos Natural Reserve – Solentiname

We will start our journey back to San Carlos by public boat, here we will change to a private boat  and then move on to the peaceful islands of Solentiname.  On our way we will stop in Los Guatuzos Reserve where we will explore the incredible nature and wildlife of the reserve.  Bird watching here is excellent…

Day 7: Solentiname – Managua

In the morning, you will have time to explore the surroundings on your own.  Then we will take our boat from Solentiname to San Carlos and head back to Managua…

• Birdwatching
• Rural Life
• Colonial History
• Handicrafts
• Landscapes
• Flora and Fauna Observation
• Pre-Columbian Heritage
• Arts and Paintings
• Nature Reserve

Do not forget
• Bathing Suit
• Comfortable Shoes
• Rain Jacket
• Long Pants or Blue Jeans
• Insect Repellant
• Flashlight
• Binoculars

Difficulty Level: 3

Local Information

Currency: U$1 x C$ 30.43
Local Time:


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