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ORO Travel Tour Guide - Julio FloresJulio Flores

Julio Flores was born in the city capital of Managua in 1978. He studied at the Autonomous National University of Nicaragua where he received a degree in English as a second language. Then he became an English teacher for one year in high school.

At this time he discovered his passion for his country and began to travel a lot. He began to accompany groups of biologists, foreign volunteers and US farmers for cattle development, translating Spanish into English and vice versa. Since 2002, Julio started in tourism as a professional Tour Guide sharing his passion of the culture, fauna, flora, and the fascinating history of Nicaragua to visitors.

Since 2005, Julio has been the Head Tour Guide for ORO Travel, guiding individuals and groups coming from the most renowned and demanding travel companies of the world. During his private time, he is dedicated to his family including his wife and son. He also enjoys watching the newest movies, eating Pizza and doing some exercise.

ORO Travel Tour Guide - Lou ZwanenbergLou Zwanenberg

Lou, a native from England, has dedicated her last fifteen years working as a professional tour leader and guide in South and Central America. After traveling broadly throughout Latin America and living in Peru for eight years, she decided to settle down in the cattle region of Chontales, Nicaragua.

Lou is absolutely a nature lover who also likes talking about the modern history of Latin American countries. Her kindness and care to the local Nicaraguan culture makes her a great companion traveler. Lou likes showing her customers how welcoming and friendly the Nicaraguan people are. What she loves about guiding is meeting local people, enjoying pleasant natural sites and exchanging experiences with travelers. At the end of each tour her greatest satisfaction is to hear from clients how wonderful and unforgettable their experiences were. Horseback riding is one of her favorite hobbies during her leisure time.

ORO Travel Tour Guide - Mauricio CorderoMauricio Cordero

Mauricio, a native from the bustling capital city of Nicaragua, Managua, has been one of ORO Travel’s experienced German speaking tour guides since 2005. In 1983, at the young age of twenty he traveled to the former German Democratic Republic where he took German classes and then began studying Agronomy Engineering in the city of Leipzig.

After returning to Nicaragua, Mauricio started working for local and international agricultural and environmental development agencies. Because of his vast knowledge and German language skill, he has worked as a professor at the Jesuit Central American University in Managua, UCA, one of the best universities in the country.

Mauricio is an authentic “Nica”, short for Nicaraguan, his great sense of humor and ability for guiding turn him into one of the most professional and reliable tour guides. He is so passionate about Nicaragua’s history and culture. During his free time he likes reading books, visiting friends, watching sports, but above all he likes spending time with his wife and children.

ORO Travel Tour Guide - Ramon CarcacheRamon Carcache

Ramon, a German speaking tour guide, born in Nicaragua, has been providing his professional services to ORO Travel since 2008. Without a doubt he has committed his life to continuously achieving university studies in order to widen his knowledge on different important fields.

Ramon acquired a degree in Philosophy at Friedrich Schiller University, Germany, in 1989. Afterwards he graduated from the Central American University, UCA, where he studied Law. He also took Law studies at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN). Ramon has demonstrated to be an excellent guide who enjoys transmitting the important aspects of the history and culture of Nicaragua as well as the exciting fauna and flora. His gentleness and attention to detail definitely makes your travel experience go smoothly. When Ramon is not guiding or studying, he is devoted to his family, reading books, watching movies or simply relaxing.

ORO Travel Tour Guide - Roberto DarceRoberto Darce

Roberto Darce, a professional Nicaraguan English speaking tour guide, spent part of his life in Bulgaria back in the 80’s, where he received a degree in Automation of Electricity Generation. Twelve years ago he discovered his eagerness about guiding, which he has been doing uninterruptedly ever since.

Acknowledged as one of the pioneer Nicaraguan guides who has great talent in transmitting the remarkable cultural aspects of the country, he is absolutely an excellent ambassador for his homeland. Roberto Darce recognizes himself as a devoted history reader, a kind of self-taught economist and diver into Nicaraguan culture. To have the chance to learn new things and interact with people from other cultures, and above all to be able to give memorable experiences to his customers are his major goals.

ORO Travel Tour Guide - Rodolfo OrtegaRodolfo Ortega

Rodolfo Ortega was born in the colonial city of Granada where he spent most of his childhood. Then he moved with his family to the United States and studied at Glades Middle School and Miami Killian Senior High School, Miami, Florida.

Afterwards the love for his country made him return to his homeland where he found what he most likes doing most, guiding.

Rodolfo’s tourism experience began with ORO Travel, where he initiated working as a qualified travel planner. His energy and enthusiasm to show travelers his beautiful country made him leave the computer behind and start professionally guiding through Nicaragua. Besides his passion for his country, Rodolfo loves cooking, reading, spending time on the computer and with his family.

ORO Travel Tour Guide - Egdard BalladaresEgdard Balladares

Edgard, an English speaking tour guide, is a Nicaraguan native, born in the city capital of Managua. Graduated from the Engineering University (UNI), he started guiding in the year 2000. Edgard is deeply devoted to natural history and Nicaraguan social-political science.

He certainly wants to make sure his clients get the most of their travel vacations. He considers himself a happy, easygoing and friendly person who enjoys every moment of his job.

During his free time Edgard loves watching movies, listening to music, meeting with friends, but especially playing pool. When traveling to Nicaragua, he will be more than happy to show you in a interesting way the natural wonders of the country, volcanoes, landscapes, lakes, colonial cities, mountains, tropical forests and, of course, Nicaragua’s unique culture.

ORO Travel Tour Guide - Jorge HernandezJorge Hernandez

Jorge Hernandez, born in the capital city of Managua, Nicaragua, has a degree in English Translation from the Jesuit Central American University (UCA). His many years of experience as an English speaking tour guide have converted him into a great reliable travel guide with lots of knowledge and enthusiasm to share.

Jorge Hernandez’s passion is history, which he narrates with deep interest. Above all he enjoys guiding travelers through Nicaragua, showing them the natural richness of the country.

During his free time, Jorge is devoted to reading and researching the unparalleled history of Nicaragua. He also enjoys the natural wonders of Ometepe Island and unscrambling the rich colonial history of Granada. When traveling to Nicaragua you will certainly meet an authentic tour guide.

ORO Travel Tour Guide - Byron OrtegaByron Ortega

Byron Ortega, a friendly and professional Nicaraguan English speaking tour guide, was born in the charming colonial city of Granada. He received a degree in Social Communication at the Jesuit Central American University (UCA) in Managua; in addition Byron took studies in Business and Hotel Tourist Administration in Granada.

His deep passion, enthusiasm and love for his country have been some of the main reasons for him to guide travelers through Nicaragua. While guiding Byron enjoys talking devotedly about Nicaragua’s history as well as its exciting culture. He is very thoughtful and kind making sure the trip goes smoothly.

In the last year he has also guided tours through Central America. Byron loves spending time with his friends talking about sports, watching movies, listening to music, reading interesting books and sometimes singing in karaoke bars.

ORO Travel Tour Guide - Alicia OrozcoAlicia Orozco

Born in Nicaragua, Alicia is a French Speaking tour guide, who graduated from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua where she received a degree in French Translation. Her ability to transmit the rich historical and cultural aspects of Nicaragua makes her one of the best ambassadors of her country.

Traveling, exploring, trekking and living the essential of Nicaraguan life is what she loves doing. Her satisfaction is to give the best of her years of guiding experience to make your journey a memorable trip. Because of her deep love for nature, Alicia encourages people to protect the natural resources; at the same time she likes discovering new and unique escape destinations in Nicaragua. During her leisure time she enjoys reading universal literature and learning about new cultures. Besides Latin American music, she also likes classical music.

ORO Travel Tour Guide - Isidra SamayoaIsidra Samayoa

Isidra, a Nicaraguan French speaking tour guide, discovered her passion for guiding more than fifteen years ago. Her great sense of humor, love for her country and enthusiasm for showing Nicaragua to her clients make her a great traveling companion.

Isidra is considered a thoughtful, kind, pleasant and patient guide who knows how to blend perfectly well her knowledge with her personality. What she mostly loves about her job is the sensation of satisfaction and happiness that her clients feel when she provides them an excellent guiding service. Isidra also loves sharing the beauty of her country, impressive active volcanoes, breathtaking landscapes, wonderful crater lakes, charming colonial cities, colorful culture and more. Married and the mother of five children, she enjoys reading the Nicaraguan constitution, self-improvement books and watching comedy movies with her family.

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