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ORO Travel is proud to say that we have made a public commitment to improving the wellbeing of the ecosystems and communities in which we work. We have been working with the international conservation organization, the Rainforest Alliance, since 2008, and are an active affiliate of an international community of tour operators that have said “yes” to sustainability. This means that we are Certified as meeting Rainforest Alliance sustainable tourism requirements and have signed a legally binding agreement with the Rainforest Alliance, committing to:

We are a member of the TourCert community and are qualified regarding the ecological and social standards of TourCert. Based on a self-assessment we implement an action plan which is reported to TourCert annually.

Sustainability Policy - ORO Travel

We are a Tour Operator aware of our surroundings and the importance of the environment. The main objective for our company is to offer fascinating and unforgettable experiences to our visitors, with minimal environmental impact and in turn developing the social and cultural context of all involved.

It should be noted that we are implementing on an ongoing basis, the outlined objectives in order to achieve adequate sustainability and a healthy environment. This achievement depends on all actors; employees, suppliers, customers and service providers, to leave future generations a sustainable and prosperous development while contributing to poverty reduction.

Therefore, we commit to:

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ORO Travel is member of ATLAS ORO Travel is verified by Rainforest Alliance ORO Travel is member of TourCert ORO Travel is member of TOPS