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Staff Members

Pascal Picot

Pascal Picot is the Managing Director of ORO Travel. After extensively traveling in Central America, Pascal decided to work as a tour guide in Costa Rica. Later on he fell in love with Nicaragua. He decided that this was the place where he would like to live and work.

After starting to reconstruct a beautiful historic colonial house in the center of Granada, more and more friends from all over the world began calling too see if he could arrange trips for them to Nicaragua. In 1994 the request for tours from friends became so big that Pascal decided to start his own tour operator company here in Granada, Nicaragua.

20 years later, ORO Travel has become a well established and leading company in the country. Pascal is married to Sylvia and is the father of a family of three sons and enjoys every day in Nicaragua.

Rossana Garcia

Rossana Garcia Lopez started working for ORO Travel in 1998. She has held many positions within our company, starting as a Travel Planner, moving to Transportation Coordinator, then Product Manager and now she has taken on a new responsibility as the Human Resources Manager.

She is from Granada and loves ‘Vigoron’ which Granada is famous for. She is married with one son who is 13 years old and in her free time she likes to spend time with him. Her favorite part of Granada is Las Isletas, a beautiful not to miss site! She also loves the mountains of Jinotega, and swimming.

Luis Flores

Luis Adolfo Flores was born in the colonial city of Granada. He studied at the Public University of Nicaragua (UPONIC) where he received a degree in Computer Systems Engineering. He later began working for ORO Travel in 2005 and is in charge of the computer network as well as the reservation and operating systems.

During his time off he loves listening to music, reading poetry and working with computers as his hobby. He loves Granada very much and says that he enjoys every minute living here. This might explain why his favorite typical dish is ‘Vigoron’, a local meal from Granada made from pork rinds and boiled cassava topped with salad and served traditionally in banana leafs.

Manuel Orozco

Manuel was born in the tourist city of Granada. He is in charge of the accounting at ORO Travel. Manuel is married with two daughters and loves to spend time with his family. In his free time he likes to listen to music, watch soccer and the Discovery Channel on TV and read interesting books.

His favorite food is 'Baho', a typical Nicaraguan dish, which is a mix of meat, green plantains, and yucca cooked in banana leaves and served with a cabbage and tomato salad made with vinegar and lemon juice.  


Reanne Bert

Reanne is from Canada. She has been living in Nicaragua for more than five years. She is in charge of marketing and communications at ORO Travel. Reanne loves living in Nicaragua, especially in Granada. She likes Nicaraguan food, in particular Nacatamales and Frito as well as fresh juice made from the different fruits in Nicaragua.

In her free time she likes to read and spend time with her friends. She also likes to travel when she can and discover the many beautiful spots Nicaragua has to offer. 

Ana Karina Castillo

Starting as a Travel Planner, Ana recently moved to the finance department of ORO Travel. Although she is only 23 years old, she has a great responsibility in the financial aspect of the company, taking care and control of the bills and payments. This new role fits her well as she recently finished her degree in Banking & Finance.

Born in Granada, Ana loves her city but also enjoys traveling to other parts of the country especially the north, where the climate is cool and the views of the rolling northern highlands are extraordinary. In her free time she likes listening to music and going out with friends. 

Daniela Balmaceda

Daniela is from Granada. She is 21 years old, making her one of the youngest members of our team. She works in the financial aspect of the company, as an assistant in the department of bills and payments. She is currently finishing her studies in Finance & Accounting. 

Her favorite place in the city is the pier looking out on the Great Lake of Nicaragua. In her free time she likes to travel to all the different areas of Nicaragua. She also likes to listen to music, go out with friends, dance and spend time with her family. Her favorite food is ‘Arroz a la Valenciana’ which is Nicaragua’s version of Valencian paella.

Xochilt Salazar

Xochilt is from the city of Granada. She is an easygoing person and likes interacting with people, which makes her a perfect asset to our Travel Planning team. After working in the hotel industry, Xochilt made the move to ORO Travel and is excited about this new opportunity.

Xochilt loves spending time with her family especially her 2 year old son. In her free time she also enjoys visiting new places and exercising. 


Maria Jose Rossi

Maria Jose, known as ‘Rossi’ in the office plays a very important role in the company. She is in responsible for ORO Travel’s transportation, overseeing all the logistics and operations of our growing fleet. She leads our team of professional drivers to ensure quality performance. 

Mother of 3 daughters she also enjoys spending time with her family.


Evalydia Iglesias

Evalydia, has joined our team to take on the vital role of Sustainability Manager. She leads the development of ORO Travel’s corporate sustainability strategy, goals and analysis embarking three areas: environmental, labor and socio-cultural, in compliance with Rainforest Alliance standards, as well as other European sustainability organizations.  

Mother of two daughters and one son, Evalydia keeps busy with her family. 


Lou van Zwanenberg

Lou, a British native, has dedicated her last fifteen years to working as a professional tour leader and guide in South and Central America. After traveling broadly throughout Latin America and living in Peru for 5 years, she decided to settle down in the cattle region of Chontales, Nicaragua.

Lou is absolutely a nature lover who also likes talking about the modern history of Latin American countries. She has been part of our guiding team for the last 8 years and has recently decided to join our office staff as a Travel Planning, allowing her to continue her passion for tourism while spending more time at home. Lou works from her house in Chontales where she enjoys taking care of her garden full of Mangoes, Papaya and Bananas and in her time off goes exploring this remote area on her mountain bike!

Carlos Fernando Castillo

Carlos, is currently in his 3rd year of University, studying Tourism and Hospitality Management. He has joined our team as a Travel Planner, which he considers a unique opportunity allowing him to get to know more of our beautiful country. You could say he now has the travel bug and is eager to visit every corner of Nicaragua! 

In his spare time, Carlos likes listening to music, reading (every once and a while), and learning new languages. As one of the youngest members of our team, Carlos who is only 20, is enthusiastic about the experience and learning opportunities he is gaining in the tourism industry. 

Jaqueline Marie Heyne

Jaqueline Marie joins our team from Bavaria, Germany. She is a certified nutritionist, but after her studies she decided to volunteer in Nicaragua. After getting to know the country (and its delicious food) she decided to come back. Before beginner her position as a Travel Planner with us at ORO Travel  she worked as a tour guide for horseback riding tours. 

Although she is a vegetarian her favorite food is ‘frito’ (fried cheese, fried ripe and green plantains) and the extra portion of Gallo Pinto is a must! In her free time Marie enjoys writing, reading, horseback riding and running.

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