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Sustainable tourism, often equated with ecotourism, is known for providing environmental benefits such as preserving ecosystems and recycling wastes. However, truly sustainable tourism businesses, in addition to protecting the environment, make a commitment to supporting the socially and economically vulnerable people in their local community.

For this reason ORO Travel has made it a priority to include in our tour programs, visits to organizations that implement long-term oriented social projects that are managed fairly and have sustainable development in mind.

The following organizations fit well into this philosophy. Please contact us about how you can get involved or support these organizations during your stay. 

Corazon Contento

Corazon Contento or ‘Happy Heart’ is a Comprehensive Development Centre for people with disabilities. This non-profit organization promotes and encourages social integration and improving the quality of life of people with special educational needs and their families in Granada. 
Each Friday Corazon Contento holds a paper recycling workshop, where visitors can learn about this unique process while interacting with the youth at the center.  Please contact us for more details. Visits to the center can also be scheduled throughout the week. 
For more information visit their website.

Carita Feliz

This local NGO works to educate children and teens from low-income families, giving them the confidence to excel in both academic and social areas, opening up opportunities in the long term to a successful work life. Children in Carita Feliz have consistently proven to show excellent results in academics and social life.
They have a variety of programs that ensure the success in all areas of a child’s development from academics to health. The Center currently employs more than 30 local Nicaraguans and supports more than 1,500 children and teens by offering free meals, classes, recreational activities, dental and medical services, and more. Carita Feliz has given hundreds of scholarships since 2004 so that children aren't excluded from an education for financial reasons. Visit their website for more information.
Visitors are welcome to visit and learn about the programs at Carita Feliz and even lend a helping hand. Contact us to arrange a visit. 

Tio Antonio - Centro Social

The main goal of Tio Antonio, and NGO, is the creation of jobs for people with difficulties for integration in the labor market. They mainly work in four areas: Education, Health, Children and Women, and Social care.
The projects of Tio Antonio include the Hammock Workshop and Café de las Sonrisas. The Hammock Workshop produces hammocks of the highest quality. Visitors are welcome to come see the entire process of fabrication and of course you can purchase one of these fine hammocks.
Café de los Sonrisas is the first coffee shop in the Americas to be run entirely by deaf-mute people. It is a place where you can live an unforgettable experience while enjoying a delicious breakfast. 
For more details please visit their website. Contact us to plan a visit. 

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