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Volcano Tour from Nicaragua is to adventure into a land of impressive National Parks and protected areas, enclosing exciting active, dormant and extinct volcanoes. Unlimited destinations, including Leon, Granada, Masaya, Managua, Chinandega, Ometepe Island,  twenty five exciting volcanoes lines the fertile lowlands of the pacific region will offer you the greatest opportunity to experience some of the most extraordinary volcanoes in Latin America.

Nicaraguan volcanoes posses incomparable beauty and wonderful natural resources where the outdoor enthusiasts can delight on astonishing craters, outstanding large calderas, magnificent crater lakes, splendid views, etc….As well Nicaraguan volcanoes offer incredible opportunities to explore its fascinating tropical ecosystems, where different species of birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals inhabit. The top of these fascinating volcanoes can be either reached by car or walking.

It is definitely a good excuse for planning your next trip to this new destination, a land full of amazing volcanoes tour and friendly people.


  Masaya Volcano  

Masaya Volcano Tour .

You should definitely visit Masaya National Park, unique steaming crater, old lava flows, extraordinary landscape and geological formations. You can reach by car to the edge of the crater has several activities to do: 20 km of trails for five craters with low and medium level of dififultad slopes, museums, caves, and precolobian objects.

  Maderas Volcano  

Ometepe's Volcano .

It is a wonderful natural paradise and unique place for its two magnificent volcanoes, Concepcion and Maderas. Ometepe recently designated by UNESCO a biosphere reserve is beautifully bejeweled by Concepcion, a splendid active volcano and considered the most perfect volcanic cone in Central America with marvelous views from its peak. This tropical island is also home of the wonderful cloud forest Maderas volcano, known for its flamboyant lush vegetation, matchless biodiversity, challenging hike to its crater lake and several archaeological findings.

  Cerrno negro Volcano  

Cerro Negro Volcano Tour .

Certainly the youngest volcano in Central America with fresh marks of recent petrified lava flows in the last 15 years. “Cerro Negro” derives its name from its intensive black appearance which converts it a relevant attraction among other Nicaraguan volcanoes. The sensation of hiking such active volcano is indescribable and for sure a precious adventure. From its volcanic rim extraordinary sights to the Pacific plains, Maribios volcanic chain and part of the mountain region can be splendidly enjoyed. Hiking down, sand boarding, running, rolling or jumping the slopes of Cerro Negro could not be less exciting.

  Mombacho Volcano  

Mombacho Cloud Forest and Canopy Tour .

Just 15 minutes away from Granada, Mombacho’s extraordinary tropical cloud forest vegetation and fascinating wild life is authentically a marvelous experience to enjoy and live. Mombacho’s excellent designed natural trails will allow you to discover and explore the amazing natural world among its rich biodiversity of ferns, bromeliads, heliconias, orchids, liquens, elfin forests, colorful butterflies, birds and unique insects. Mombacho provides wonderful views over Zapatera Island, the “Isletas”, Lake Nicaragua, Granada city, Lake Apoyo, Lake Managua, Masaya volcano and other interesting surrounds.


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