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Granada Nicaragua

Granada is undoubtedly one of Nicaragua’s best destinations with exceptional arrays of diverse attractions and activities. This captivating region is located in the southwest part of the country on the Pacific Basin, enjoying warm tropical weather between November and April, while the rest of the year the region turns lush and green because of the rainy season. Its inhabitants live from different productive trades such as agriculture, fishing, small family industries, commerce and in the last year tourism.

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 The stunning imposing figure of the natural reserve Mombacho volcano is an unforgettable attraction. This dazzling cloud forest hides for nature lovers some unique endemic species like salamanders, orchids, butterflies and other singular species. Also “Zapatera” island and the “Isletas” undeniably provide a wonderful experience to learn about the birdlife of the area and daily habits of the local residents.


The charming colonial city of Granada Nicaragua  was founded at the beginning of the XVI century by Spanish conquerors. The city is an authentic jewel preserving the original foundation layout of magnificent adobe building such as City Hall, the Cathedral, the Bishop Palace, the Social Club, and other remarkable constructions.

Due to the rich volcanic soil in the rural surroundings, the region of Granada is perfect for the cultivation of basic staples such as corn, beans, rice, sugar cane, plantains, papayas, watermelons, and other vital produce. The local cuisine is also as fundamental part of this region; some of the most traditional meals include the “Vigoron”, cooked cassava topped with pork rinds and salad, deliciously served on bananas-like leaves, or the famous whole-dip fried “Guapote”, a freshwater fish from great Lake Nicaragua.

So do not wait longer and join on this unique destination of bursting culture, thriving nature, breathtaking landscapes, colonial history, and the most important people with open arms!

Recommended Activities in Granada Nicaragua

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Susie and John from Kent • Date: April 11 2010

We would like to say a big “thank you” to ORO Travel for making our time in Nicaragua such a memorable experience. We enjoyed every minute of our time in your wonderful country.

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Granada Colonial Down Town

The charming historical colonial city of Granada Nicaragua has remained as one of the most precious jewel of Spanish heritage in the Western Hemisphere. It was strategically founded...

Mombacho Cloud Forest

This amazing Strombolian volcano is located in the central Pacific basin, ubicated in Granada Nicaragua it is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, which holds 452 volcanoes and ...


The “Isletas” is a fantastic natural tour into the Big Lake just five minutes away from the historical center of Granada Nicaragua. This archipelago is formed by approximately 350 little islands...

Zapatera Island

It is Nicaragua’s third National Park and the second largest island, located on the west side of Great Lake Nicaragua,department of Granada. Zapatera is an extinct eroded volcano...

Apoyo Lagoon

It is a wonderful volcanic crater lake located between the regions of Masaya and Granada in the Pacific basin. The name “Apoyo” is coming from the Nahuatl language...

Domitila Natural Reserve

It is located only forty five minutes away from the colonial city of Granada Nicaragua and just by the Great Lake Nicaragua. This is an amazing place for exploring the endemic...

Lake Nicaragua

It is Latin America’s second largest freshwater lake after Titicaca in South America and tenth largest in the world. Between Rivas, Granada, Rio San juan y Chontales this incredible body of water...

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